Seeding Labs Secures $3M in Funding from USAID to Bridge the Science Research Gap in the Developing World

Boston nonprofit will leverage financing to provide cutting-edge lab equipment, training to tens of thousands of students, researchers over the next three years.


Boston, MA, January 15 2014 – Seeding Labs today announced a public-private partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).  This new partnership between USAID’s Office of Science and Technology’s Research Partnerships for Development Program aims to leverage $20 million in donated cutting-edge scientific equipment to more than 100 universities in developing countries over the next three years.


Seeding Labs leverages the surplus equipment and resources of a wide network of corporate and academic partners in the United States to affordably equip science researchers and laboratories throughout the developing world. The organization plans to provide laboratory equipment and supplies, training and networking opportunities to tens of thousands of researchers and students over the course of the program, to enhance science education in the developing world and support research projects with long-term development impact.


“The size and strength of the scientific community in the developing world has been underestimated for too long,” said Dr. Nina Dudnik, Founder and CEO of Seeding Labs. “USAID’s visionary investment in Seeding Labs is a vote of confidence that our strategy for identifying under-represented scientists and supporting their efforts to tackle local challenges is a smart investment for the future of global development.”


“USAID is excited about this new partnership with Seeding Labs not only because of the innovative way the program seeks to redistribute resources to researchers in the global south, but also because of the innovations that will come out of the newly equipped labs.  Seeding Labs embodies USAID’s belief in the strength of science, technology, innovation and partnerships in inciting change,” added Dr. Alex Dehgan, Science and Technology Adviser to USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah.


By supporting talented individuals tackling their own communities’ problems, Seeding Labs helps ensure that the most appropriate solutions are found faster, fosters education and job creation and promotes a truly global scientific community.


The USAID Research Partnerships for Development program leverages partnerships with U.S. federal science agencies, the private sector, and other donors to address global development challenges.  Their flagship program – Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER) – competitively funds developing country researchers working in collaboration with partners supported by U.S. science agencies.  PEER awards are multidisciplinary and geographically diverse, covering topics such as food security, climate change, biodiversity, water, disaster mitigation and renewable energy.


About Seeding Labs

Based in Boston, Seeding Labs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps scientists in the developing world conduct life-changing research. Seeding Labs provides them with the resources they need but lack access to, from lab equipment and professional training to introductions to colleagues in their fields. Since 2003, Seeding Labs has made advanced scientific training and more than $2 million in lab equipment available to researchers in 20 countries. These partners, in turn, have provided hands-on science education to more than 15,000 students and produced important discoveries, publications and patents on critical issues such as tuberculosis, HIV, malaria, nutrition and water quality. For more information about Seeding Labs, please visit


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