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How Sartorius Took the Leap and Donated

Laboratory News [UK] – December 2015

Sustainability and alignment with corporate values are just two of the reasons Sartorius Corporation donates lab equipment to Seeding Labs.


Non-profit Organizations: Scientists on a Mission


Opportunities abound in the non-profit sector for researchers who seek to follow their passions.


We Catch Up With the Instrumental Access Campaign

Laboratory News [UK] – OCTOBER 2015

Meet Dr. John Muoma of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology in Kenya, whose Instrumental Access lab equipment will soon be departing Boston.


Nina Dudnik rettet mit Laborgeräten Leben

Brigitte [Germany] – AUGUST 2015

A profile of Seeding Labs CEO Nina Dudnik in Germany’s leading women’s magazine.


The Worldview 100

Scientific American Worldview issue, JUNE 2015

Scientific American magazine includes Seeding Labs’ CEO Nina Dudnik among the 100 visionaries who continue to reshape biotechnology—and the world.


Meet the Woman Behind Seeding Labs

Laboratory News [UK] -  AUGUST 2015

Nina Dudnik, founder and CEO of Seeding Labs, describes why the science community is a global one and why we all have a responsibility to help scientists across the globe meet their potential.


The Tsetse Fly and the Test for Genomics in Africa

Bio IT World -  AUGUST 2015

Dr. Paul Mireji, a genomics researcher at Kenya’s Biotechnology Research Institute who received equipment through Seeding Labs’ Instrumental Access program, describes his research on the tsetse fly, an insect responsible for spreading life-threatening infections in humans.


Seeding Labs’ CEO Among BostInno “State of Innovation 2015″ Awardees

BostInno, JULY 2015

Nina Dudnik was recognized for her contribution to Boston’s “Innovation Economy.”


The Instrumental Access Campaign

Laboratory News [UK], JULY 2015

Seeding Labs’ CEO Nina Dudnik describes how Seeding Labs puts the surplus of lab equipment accumulating in the basements and warehouses of major institutions and corporations in the developed world into the hands of those who can use it to change the world. Check out the accompanying editorial, too.


From Eureka to Useful

Scientific American Worldview issue, JUNE 2015

Developing an idea into a productive tool demands experience, foresight, and a persistent champion. Seeding Labs CEO Nina Dudnik describes the obstacles to innovation facing scientists in developing countries.


Transferable Skills: Beyond the Bench

Naturejobs Blog, JUNE 2015

Based on her personal experience, Seeding Labs’ founder and CEO Nina Dudnik highlighted the lessons learned and transferable skills gained when moving from academia to beyond the bench at the 2015 Naturejobs Career Expo in Boston.


Seeding Labs Recognized as Top 10 Most Innovative Not-For-Profit

Fast Company, February 2015

Seeding Labs has been named one of the world’s Top 10 Most Innovative Not-For-Profit companies by Fast Company. Most Innovative Companies is one of Fast Company‘s most significant and highly anticipated editorial efforts of the year.


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