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From Storage to Supporting Global Science

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Turning a warehouse clean-out into an opportunity to make an impact on global science may sound like a tall order. But at Heidolph North America in Elk Grove VIllage, IL, more than half of the company enthusiastically pitched in to identify and refurbish surplus lab equipment for donation to Seeding Labs.

Heidolph North AmericaHeidolph staff–from service techs to product managers–began by taking inventory of equipment the company had been storing, including demo units, returns, and trade show models.

“That’s when we realized we had more items than we needed, so we started getting together what we could share in a donation,” said Nicole Kvasnicka, product and marketing manager for Heidolph North America, our newest Krypton-level equipment donor. “All of our employees were excited to help.”Krypton Level Equipment Donor

The equipment donation contained rotary evaporators and sterilizers, including the first sterilizer ever donated to the Instrumental Access program (pictured above on its way to Seeding Labs). An essential tool for labs, sterilizers enable reuse of items without worry of contamination between experiments.

A sterilizer is part of a larger Instrumental Access shipment destined for the University of Zambia, which will use equipment to improve undergraduate education and expand research opportunities for faculty and graduate students in the Department of Pharmacy.

We want to thank Seeding Labs for the encouragement and creating the bridge for us to give back to the scientific community,” says Jim Dawson, president of Heidolph North America.

Heidolph North America president Jim Dawson (right) with Robert Lillianfeld, Seeding Labs' Director of Corporate Relations

Heidolph North America president Jim Dawson (right) shows Robert Lillianfeld, Seeding Labs’ director of corporate relations, a Heidolph rotary evaporator

Heidolph’s dedication to accelerating global science is evident in the level of care they took with the rotary evaporators prior to donation. Service techs meticulously inspected and refurbished each unit to make certain they were complete and working at full capacity.

Heidolph also included new specialized glassware necessary to operate the instruments. These steps ensure that the rotary evaporators, which allow scientists to efficiently extract compounds derived from biological and chemical samples, will have a long and productive life at Instrumental Access universities.


Heidolph North America staff pitched in to refurbish rotary evaporators prior to donating them to Seeding Labs

“Rotary evaporators are fundamental pieces of equipment for modern chemistry teaching and research and our partners will be using them in everything from natural products research to food science to drug development,” says Melissa Wu, manager of global partnerships at Seeding Labs. “Thanks to Heidolph’s donation, our partners will be able to accelerate their research and expand hands-on teaching opportunities for their students.”

Heidolph has also launched a creative way to support Seeding Labs through equipment sales with “Trade In, Trade Up” incentive programs for purchases of sterilizers and rotary evaporators; customers donate the unit they are replacing to Seeding Labs and receive a discount on their new unit from Heidolph. (For more info on these programs, please email sales@heidolph.com.)

By donating surplus equipment to Seeding Labs, Heidolph cleared out a warehouse, engaged employees, and demonstrated their commitment to global science.

The donation will enable advances in education and research for thousands of scientists and their students around the world!

Do you have surplus lab equipment?

Your excess inventory can catalyze scientific teaching and research in the developing world!

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