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This is always the time of year when we stop to reflect and to express our gratitude to the people who form our community.

From our US-based supporters to our network of scientists around the world (just a few of whom are pictured above), thank you!

As we navigate the coming months together, Seeding Labs remains committed to our shared belief in the power of science to bring people together, to transcend differences, and to make discoveries that improve all of our lives.

Your support has made amazing progress possible! At six Instrumental Access universities reporting this year:

  • Researchers used Instrumental Access equipment to advance 28 projects and win $1.2M of new grants

  • 5,800+ students each year get hands-on experience in STEM courses that incorporate equipment and supplies you provided

  • Scientists-in-training used Instrumental Access equipment to complete 31 Master’s theses and 23 PhD dissertations

On behalf of the Seeding Labs team, thank you!

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