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A Checklist for Revising Your Manuscript

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Revising and resubmitting your manuscript is a common part of the publishing process.

Have you noticed that when you are doing revisions, it’s easy to add content that was not a part of the original submission? That opens the door to introducing errors.

How can you avoid mistakes when revising?

Use a checklist!

In A Checklist: Revising and Resubmitting a Paper for Publication,” AJE offers a 6-point list of things for you to check before resubmitting your manuscript.

The checklist is especially helpful if multiple authors have revised the manuscript! It is always important that you receive a second opinion for your manuscript.

Sometimes when you write a manuscript yourself, you may not notice some errors, grammatically or otherwise, and if this goes to the printers without being reviewed, any possible book you are thinking about publishing may not be successful.

As a result, looking into areas such as line editing and copy editing can help your manuscript to be grammatically correct, as well as having written language that fits in with your theme before you move onto the next process.

Doing this, alongside following the checklist, can help you to publish a manuscript that you are proud of.

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