Instrumental Access 2019

Introducing Instrumental Access 2019

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At our recent Positively Instrumental 2019 event, we announced that we will be growing stronger with 13 new Instrumental Access awardees in 2019!

Here's a special message from our newest partners:

We put together the top 5 things you should know about this extraordinary group...

1. Nine countries in three world regions are represented.

Awarded institutions are located in: Armenia, Brazil, Ecuador, Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, and Ukraine.

Eswatini and the Republic of Congo are new to Instrumental Access, and we are thrilled to be returning to Ecuador and Brazil after many years.

2. More than half of the awarded teams are led by women.

Eight of this year’s 13 successful applications were spearheaded by a woman, the most ever for a new group of Seeding Labs awardees. We are honored to support the careers of so many amazing women in science!

3. More than 250 faculty members and 11,000 students per year will benefit from this year’s shipments.

Instrumental Access equipment will support hands-on teaching for thousands of students each year across the awarded institutions. Faculty and graduate students will have the equipment they need to transform lives and fuel development.

4. Instrumental Access equipment will enable awardees to employ new technologies on the cutting edge of science.

Instrumental Access will help to equip specialized laboratories for viral vector research in Brazil, structural biology in Ecuador, and genomics in Armenia.

5. Awardees will use equipment to solve problems that matter to their communities--and to yours!

The thing that strikes us most about all Instrumental Access awardees, year after year, is the extent to which they are driven to use the power of science to solve problems that impact their communities. For so many of them, it’s deeply personal.

Here are a few highlights:

  • In Ukraine, awardees are on the front lines of the fight against the newly-emerged epidemic of Lyme disease, which may impact up to half of certain populations who are at high risk because they work outdoors
  • In Kenya, awardees have set their sights on transforming the economic prospects of entire rural communities by creating a whole new industry based on silk production
  • In Ghana, awardees are working on a method to help manufacturers solve the difficult problem of how to determine shelf-life of herbal medicines so that people who rely on these medicines can be sure that they are taking a safe and effective dose
  • In Eswatini, awardees are conducting the country’s first baseline survey to determine whether the drinking water is safe, as well as searching for better technologies to treat polluted water

See the full list of Instrumental Access 2019 awardees here.

Interested in how you can support these amazing scientists?

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