Instrumental Access: Now Accepting Applications!

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Above: Instrumental Access equipment from Seeding Labs arriving in Nigeria, Armenia, and Benin (clockwise from left)—apply now and this could be you!

Seeding Labs is now accepting applications for Instrumental Access!

Will you be our next awardee?

Instrumental Access provides universities and research institutes in developing countries with high-quality scientific equipment and supplies at an affordable price.

Now more than ever, it's imperative that all scientists around the world are equipped to solve our shared challenges.

To that end, we’ve shipped more than 267 tons of Instrumental Access equipment to 82 institutions in 36 countries. And you could be next!

If you have considered applying or have worked with us before, please note that we’ve made a few changes to the application process.

We hope these two refinements will make the experience better and fairer for all of our applicants:

  • Applications will now be accepted and reviewed year-round
  • In response to feedback from applicants, the application form and process has been shortened and streamlined

Our first round of review closes 30 October 2020. Check out the application to see if it's a good fit for you!

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