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Positively Instrumental: Celebrating Global Science Tonight!

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Tonight, we are excited to host “Positively Instrumental,” an event honoring our donors and awardees of the 2016 Instrumental Access program. The impressive university departments selected for the program will be announced during the event, and we  will also honor outstanding corporate donors that make our Instrumental Access program possible. Of the 67 applicants to Instrumental Access, Seeding Labs selected 16 exceptional university departments to receive donated lab equipment. The group represents the most talented global scientists in the developing world who will leverage donated equipment for positive impact in their regions and beyond.

Socializing for Science

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There’s nothing better than getting out of the lab and enjoying a few drinks with friends – especially when you know that you’re making a difference while having fun. The Rutgers NeuroConnections Club and Seeding Labs chapter mingle The Rutgers NeuroConnections Club and Seeding Labs chapter mingle The Rutgers University Seeding Labs chapter is passionate about global science. For several years, they’ve been supporting Seeding Labs’ mission through raising awareness, holding fundraisers, and collecting equipment. They’ve experimented with different activities and have hit on one intersection of interests for graduate students: socializing and global science!

Dr. Boyom's Lab

Université de Yaoundé I: Department of Biochemistry

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At the Université de Yaoundé I, Seeding Labs’ Instrumental Access program has made a lasting impact on: Each year, more than 800 undergraduate students in biochemistry courses get hands-on experience using equipment from Seeding Labs Three university departments used instruments from Seeding Labs to outfit 5 research labs and 2 teaching labs Dr. Boyom has won two international grants totaling $170,000 in new research funding since receiving equipment from Seeding Labs Students in the Antimicrobial Agents Research Unit at the Université de Yaoundé I retrieve petri dishes from a refrigerator that was provided by Seeding Labs. Dr. Boyom’s students analyze samples …