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Redeemer’s University: Department of Chemical Sciences

  • Redeemer's student

    Redeemer’s University student working on a practical exam

  • Redeemer's students

    Undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Environmental and Chemical Processes Research Group at Redeemer’s University

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    Redeemer’s University faculty

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    Redeemer’s University students in a lecture

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    An undergraduate student guided by a lab technician working with a reflux setup

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    The library at Redeemer’s University

  • Redeemer's students

    First-year Redeemer’s University students taking practical exams

Meet the Department

The Department of Chemical Sciences at Redeemer’s University strives to educate a future generation of creative, innovative, and inventive entrepreneurs motivated to build and sustain a better Nigeria and a better world. Without access to Nigerian government funds for capacity-building or research, the Department of Chemical Sciences is challenged to maintain and equip its laboratory facilities. In 2014, its sister department, the Department of Biological Sciences, was designated an African Centre of Excellence in Genomics of Infectious Diseases by the World Bank. They also received substantial funding for genomics training and capacity-building from the H3Africa Initiative, funded by the NIH and the Wellcome Trust.


Clean Water for the Community: Dr. Emmanuel Unuabonah

Dr UnuabonahDr. Emmanuel Unuabonah is an associate professor at Redeemer’s University who specializes in industrial chemistry in the Enviromental and Chemical Processes Research Group.

His current research is focused on developing materials to simply and efficiently disinfect potable water using locally-sourced materials. “I would like to develop low-cost hand-held sensors that detect deadly pathogens in seconds, saving millions of lives from untimely death–especially children under five years of age,” Dr. Unuabonah says.

The Department of Chemical Sciences includes “brilliant young scientists who have a strong passion for teaching and research,” says Dr. Unuabonah, adding that they have been the recipients of international awards and fellowships. “Most of these were achieved with the very little scientific tools at our disposal. You can be assured that with these crops of young intellectuals, mentorship for the next generation of scientists is assured, especially with your kind donation of scientific equipment.”

His research has been funded by The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) and the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE). The TWAS award was the first of its kind given to a research group in the Sub-Saharan Africa region and is aimed at building scientific capacity, strengthening research, and establishing scientific structures in Nigeria.