Applying to Instrumental Access:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


No. Eligibility is limited to degree-granting institutions of higher education and research institutes only. Academic departments at university-affiliated teaching hospitals may be eligible, but clinical units are not.

Program Fees & Additional Costs

No, absolutely not. There is no monetary cost associated with the application process. The only commitment we require at the time of application is that the applicant institution is willing and able to pay the program fee if selected to participate.


Equipment Selection, Availability, and Quality

The contents of your shipment are determined by you, in collaboration with Seeding Labs.

First, you give us a list of your highest priority equipment needs. Then we work with our donors to procure donations of the equipment that you requested, along with other things that our awardees typically find useful, to fill our inventory. Although there are no guarantees that we’ll be able to procure everything you want, we do our best, and we reserve your highest priority items and hold them for you as they come in.

When it is your turn to select from our inventory, you’ll have access to your reserved items plus the rest of our unreserved inventory via a website that works like an online retailer.  You’ll be able to browse our inventory and select the items that best fit your needs to be part of your shipment.

Our staff will support your selection process by helping you to find the equipment that you need, making recommendations, and helping you to locate technical information and support.

Application Process & Timing


Other Questions


Accessing the Online Portal

Applications must be submitted through our online portal. Questions about the portal? Please download this document for help with:

  • Creating an account
  • Navigating the application form
  • Working on the application offline
  • Returning to a saved application
  • Submitting an application
Download the help document