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Where Would You Spend $3 Billion?

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If you had $3 billion dollars to change the world, how would you spend it? A few weeks ago, Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg announced they were investing $3 billion towards curing all diseases within a century. What struck me most about this announcement was that the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s first funding will go towards a Biohub bringing together researchers from the greater Bay Area. Really? These are already among the most well-funded and well-connected scientists in the world. I just had to speak up. In an editorial I wrote for Scientific American, I argue that if Chan and Zuckerberg …

New Podcast Featuring Seeding Labs’ Founder & CEO

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In the latest “Innovate” podcast by Arch Street Press, Nina Dudnik, founder and CEO of Seeding Labs, discusses the transformative experiences that incited her interest in science and social justice. It all began with her first experiment growing radish seeds at age 8, and years later, continued with her work as a Fulbright scholar at the Africa Rice Center in Côte d’Ivoire. Take a listen to the podcast here: “Enabling Scientists to Battle Global Diseases & Feed a Growing Population,” and catch more Innovate podcast interviews with cultural leaders, social entrepreneurs, and scholars engaged in transformative action and creative collaboration.