Helping train new doctors in the DRC

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Dr. Samuel Mampunza: Université Protestante au Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a country four times the size of Texas, there are fewer than 5,000 accredited doctors.

Committed to values of quality teaching

The Congo Protestant University, a private university committed to values of quality teaching, African leadership, and transparent business practice, recognized the needs of the country and drew up ambitious plans for a medical school. One problem they faced was that few of their students had received practical hands-on training in science. The Dean of the medical school, Dr. Samuel Mampunza, wanted his students to have a firm grounding in the basic sciences so he added two years of preparatory courses before his students even began their medical training.

Vital preventative and emergency care to underserved populations

Seeding Labs helped provide the equipment that supported practical lessons in biology, chemistry, and physics. In the fall of 2007, 200 students were enrolled in the program. Half of them were women. Their special 8-year curriculum will be capped by two years of service in rural clinics throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Dr. Mampunza’s students will provide vital preventative and emergency care to underserved populations who need it most.