The staff of the Center for Research on Health in Latin America at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador

Gratitude Tuesday 2022: Celebrating the Seeding Labs Community

David Borman Announcements, Blog

100 universities. 39 developing countries. 347 tons of lab equipment.

Looking at these numbers made possible by the Seeding Labs community, only one word can sum them up: gratitude.

Allow us to take a moment to express our appreciation for you. Because today we are celebrating Gratitude Tuesday, the Seeding Labs version of Giving Tuesday.

With a shipment to the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Seeding Labs has now helped 100 universities expand their research and teaching capacities.

With a foundation of Instrumental Access equipment, scientists in developing countries are more prepared to take the lead solving their countries' most pressing issues.

Without you, 100 university partners would still be a dream. So thank you…

  • The individuals who have supported our mission with gifts, fundraisers, and monthly donations, all of which make Seeding Labs stronger and sustainable. Your generosity fuels our work.

  • Equipment donors who put donating instruments first to support scientific progress in developing countries. Your efforts to prioritize placing your equipment with Instrumental Access is making a difference for global science.

  • Employees and champions at our corporate partners, who support our mission in every aspect, from donations to knowledge sharing. Your commitment to our mission is inspiring.

  • Volunteers who share their resources, connections, and expertise across our international network of science advocates. You move our day-to-day work forward and maximize the impact of Instrumental Access.

  • The global community of scientists in developing countries—the heart and soul of what we do. Your dedication to creating a new future for the millions of people in your communities inspires us all to support the next 100 institutions!

Photo at top: Thanks to the support of the entire Seeding Labs community, faculty and students at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador received a shipment of lab equipment in 2022! This Instrumental Access shipment marks the 100th university supported by Seeding Labs and you!