Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about receiving equipment

Seeding Labs accepts applications from degree-granting institutions and affiliated research institutes in low- and middle-income countries as defined by the World Bank. We do not accept applications from hospitals, clinics, primary or secondary schools, government research labs, non-university NGOs, or private companies.
No. Other organizations do provide access to medical equipment; we suggest you check out IMEC or MedShare.
You will have choices to make once you are enrolled in Instrumental Access. We cannot guarantee the availability of specific pieces of equipment. We ask our partners, however, to request any equipment they need so that we understand these needs and can be alert to opportunities to procure other items. You can view a list of typical equipment we distribute here.
Seeding Labs cannot guarantee a specific make and model of equipment. During equipment selection, partners have access to the make and model of equipment, voltage ratings, and other related information; when included in the donation or available online, the manual is provided. It is up to you to ensure that the equipment make and model meet your specific requirements. We will answer any questions about the equipment and when feasible will connect you to technical experts to address concerns about whether a particular piece of equipment will meet your needs.
We cannot provide you with reagents. We may be able to provide spare parts for certain items with enough advance notice.
Our equipment offerings fluctuate from month to month, so we only provide Instrumental Access partners access to the current equipment inventory during their equipment selection window after enrollment. For examples of equipment that we have had in the past, please see our list of types of equipment that we typically distribute.
Seeding Labs works with universities, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, and other research institutions to source gently-used or new equipment as well as unused disposable supplies (see our donors here). We do not accept damaged instruments. We run simple tests on the equipment and alert the receiving scientists of any known limitations before they decide to include it in their shipment.
We rely on receiving institutions to determine all required customs procedures and paperwork and to cover any import duties on equipment. We will comply with any paperwork that is required of us and ensure that US export requirements are met. We typically ship by sea freight and make arrangements for the freight from our warehouse to a port you choose close to your university (door-to-port). Your university is responsible for clearing customs and transporting the equipment from the port to your university.

Questions about donating equipment

No. Seeding Labs can only accept scientific research equipment that has been decontaminated and is in good working condition. We cannot accept items that are broken, missing parts, or need to be refurbished.
Rest assured, yes. Seeding Labs has a careful vetting process for Instrumental Access that matches equipment to universities that are doing life-changing research, have a demonstrated need, and are ready and able to operate and maintain everything properly. See our talented partner scientists here!
We do accept full unopened cases of most types of consumables and glassware in clean, like-new condition. Please visit our Equipment Wish List for a list of acceptable items.
We do not accept office furniture or supplies.
It is not useful to send out-of-date equipment, even if it is still working. Scientists everywhere deserve reliable equipment on which to train their students and conduct their research. Find out how to assess the appropriateness of your equipment here.
Yes! There is an ongoing need for both operating and repair manuals for the equipment. If you have those manuals, please do include them with your donation so we can continue to build our manual library.
Seeding Labs will schedule the collection with one of our carriers within 72 hours after receipt of all the necessary paperwork. Collections are generally made within 7 working days.
We cannot accept chemicals or reagents for shipment overseas. Please consider donating your chemicals and reagents to The Reagent Project.
Seeding Labs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN 10-8267613). Your equipment donation may be tax-deductible. All financial donations are tax-deductible.