Why does our process work?

It's more than moving equipment from Point A to Point B.

Seeding Labs isn’t sending equipment to anyone who asks for it. The Instrumental Access equipment program has a strategic and rigorous process for screening applicants as well as equipment.

And the equipment we provide is only the beginning of the support we can offer...

Rigorous screening of applicants

To ensure that our Instrumental Access equipment program improves the research outcomes of scientists worldwide, we have a rigorous application and screening process.

Applicants must demonstrate the value of their research, the need for specific equipment, and the potential impact and outcomes of their work.

To ensure that donated equipment supports the largest possible number of scientists and their students, each shipment is directed to entire departments or programs, not individual researchers. And we thoroughly vet each institution that applies.

We look at factors like:

  • The stability of the institution and the country as a whole,
  • Their educational and scientific track record,
  • The strength of their physical infrastructure, and
  • Their ability to install and maintain the equipment they receive.
This involves working with key people at all levels – from university administration and faculty to technical staff – even the procurement office.

Rigorous screening of equipment

To ensure the quality of the donated equipment, we work with donors to weed out devices that are old, non-functional, or missing parts. We make sure that spare parts and consumables are still available for any instrument we send abroad. And we consult with scientists from our community who are experts in knowing how to operate and maintain the latest devices.

To ensure scientists get the right equipment to meet their research needs, they select instruments straight from our inventory. For each piece of equipment, we make sure they are aware of the technical specs, the accessories available, and other devices that might be needed to make their plans a reality.

We also think about every step of the equipment life cycle. We are always developing better processes to ensure increasingly better outcomes.

From SOPs on testing equipment and advice on buying power transformers, to checklists for unpacking and installation of equipment, we ensure everyone is able to make the most of the equipment they receive.
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Rigorous follow-up beyond the equipment

We remain partners with the universities long after their shipment arrives. We follow up on installation and usage so we can solve unexpected issues and track the impact of the equipment.

We also connect our scientists to mentorships, fellowships, publishing assistance, and networks of other scientists in related fields in order to fully leverage the impact of their cutting-edge research.
What happens beyond equipment?