Instrumental Access 2016

Université des Montagnes: Department of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

  • Dr Galani with students

    Dr. Galani (in white shirt) with a group of Agronomy students in a farmer’s field.

  • Dr Galani

    Dr. Galani (seated at center) at his lab desk with postgraduate students.

  • Students with Dr. Mabe.

    Students in the lab with Dr. Mabe (far right).

  • Farmer

    Agronomy students discussing corn with a local farmer.

  • Agro-Vet Lab

    The Banékané campus building hosting the Agronomy lab.

  • Universite des Montagnes campus

    Five additional buildings are under construction on the campus.

  • lab

    Faculty and staff are starting to install facilities in the lab.

Meet the Department

Université des Montagnes is a relatively young university that has grown rapidly. The multidisciplinary Department of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (“Agro-Vet”) is committed to training young Cameroonians to ensure the nation’s food security and find innovative, sustainable, and efficient solutions to farming issues in an age of climate change.


Improving the Lives of Local Farmers: Dr. Joseph Hubert Galani Yamdeu

Dr Galani and students

Dr. Galani (far left) and students from Université des Montagnes about to embark on a field trip

Climate change has impacted farming and agriculture in Cameroon, threatening the region’s food security.

In light of these challenges, Dr. Joseph Hubert Galani Yamdeu, assistant professor at Université des Montagnes, is developing new approaches to increase agricultural production
for farmers.

With interests in plant biochemistry, pathology, and molecular biolgoy, Dr. Galani is working on creating more productive strains of root and tuber crops like potato, sweet potato, yam, cocoyam, and cassava in western highlands of Cameroon.

Dr. Galani’s efforts to improve food security are rooted in a desire to safeguard the local environment and preserve biodiversity.

“I am very interested in practice-oriented research aiming at increasing crops productivity, improving food quality, and ameliorating farmer’s life,” says Dr. Galani. “Bringing a smile to a farmer’s face motivates my commitment to science.”

Dr. Galani holds a PhD in biochemistry from Anand Agricultural University in India, as well as graduate degrees from the University of Yaoundé I in Cameroon (also a Seeding Labs partner).