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“Positively Instrumental” Event Honors Donors, Instrumental Access 2017 Awardees

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Fifteen outstanding institutions from around the world have been chosen to receive scientific resources and equipment through Seeding Labs’ 2017 Instrumental Access program.

We announced the 2017 Instrumental Access awards at our second annual “Positively Instrumental” event at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research in Cambridge on March 22.

The 15 awardees chosen for Instrumental Access 2017 were selected from a pool of 65 applications received from 24 countries.

As part of a rigorous screening, each applicant outlined the ways that an infusion of scientific equipment would remove barriers to STEM education and research at their institution—paving the way for new avenues of scientific inquiry and expanding hands-on opportunities for students.

In addition to introducing the new Instrumental Access awardees, Seeding Labs honored three donors for their instrumental role in advancing science in the developing world through partnerships with Seeding Labs. Honorees include:

  • The Sustainer Award was given to Harvard University for supporting global science through Seeding Labs since the organization’s inception. This award also recognizes Harvard’s innovative approach to increasing the environmental sustainability of science. By partnering with Seeding Labs, Harvard University is utilizing its resources for the greatest scientific impact, both at home and across the globe.
  • GE Healthcare Life Sciences was presented with the Rising Star Award for the most impactful first-time corporate engagement. On the heels of expanding in the Boston area, GE Healthcare Life Sciences demonstrated its commitment to strengthening the scientific community not only in its new home, but in countries around the world.
  • Merck (known as MSD outside the US and Canada) was honored with the Global Catalyst Award in recognition of the company’s unmatched worldwide impact. Since 2010, Merck has set an example for the sector, working with Seeding Labs to provide new scientific opportunities for thousands of international scientists and their students.

Donations from these awardees, as well as Seeding Labs’ 100+ other private-sector partners, will help the 2017 Instrumental Access grantees pursue their research across the biological sciences, chemistry, chemical engineering, nanotechnology, and science education and pedagogy.

The 2017 Instrumental Access awardees are:

In Latin America & the Caribbean
In West Africa
In East & Southern Africa
In Europe & Asia

Instrumental Access 2017 is the most geographically diverse group of partners in Seeding Labs’ history, spanning 13 counties, 5 of which are new to Seeding Labs: Armenia, Colombia, Mexico, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

“Positively Instrumental was truly a night celebrating the power of global science,” said Seeding Labs Founder and CEO Nina Dudnik, PhD. “The diverse community represented at the event was a testament to our belief that science is a global endeavor, and that the scientific community is strongest when everyone can fully and actively contribute. I’m grateful to our partners who support our work and am honored by their generosity that will help Seeding Labs catalyze research and teaching at 15 outstanding institutions worldwide this year.”

Dudnik spoke at the event, along with 2016 Instrumental Access awardee Dr. Robert Paulino, Director of the Institute for Tropical Medicine and Global Health at Universidad Iberoamericana in the Dominican Republic. The event was emceed by Ari Daniel, PhD, Digital Producer, PBS NOVA & independent science reporter.

With thanks to our event sponsors:

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