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Instrumental Access Impact Update: Research

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Throughout 2021, the Seeding Labs metrics and evaluation team connected with Instrumental Access awardees to understand the impact of equipment on their departments.

Since 2003, 113 Instrumental Access shipments have been sent to researchers across the world. This year, 25 of those awardees took the time to update us on the progress of their research activities since equipment arrived on campus.

In our 2021 survey of awardees, we were proud to see how Instrumental Access awardees are accelerating the pace of research at their institutions, publishing on topics from antimicrobial resistance to microplastic pollution in freshwater.

By the numbers

Because Instrumental Access shipments are fulfilled to meet each department’s needs at scale, the equipment has as many impacts as there are departments.

From improved collaborations with colleagues to establishing new academic programs, this investment in scientific infrastructure is paying dividends at each institution.

From the 2021 survey of Instrumental Access awardees, we learned that:

  • 90% of awardees report that Instrumental Access equipment has enabled them and their colleagues to engage in new research methods;
  • 85% of respondents say Instrumental Access equipment has improved the reputation of their department;
  • 60% of respondents say Instrumental Access equipment has advanced research projects that they now expect to publish
Expanding global scientific research

Explore this interactive map to learn more about some of the recent research projects and publications from Instrumental Access awardees:

We would like to thank all of the Instrumental Access awardees who responded to the annual survey and shared their research projects and findings. 

Do you have surplus equipment in your lab? You can donate it to scientists like these. Please visit our equipment donation page to learn how to get started. If you are an Instrumental Access awardee, please continue to update us on your research findings so we can share them with the world!

Interested in applying to receive equipment? See if Instrumental Access is a good fit for you on our application page.

Pictured at top: Dr. Victorien Dougnon and colleagues are working to find local natural treatments for infectious diseases in the Department of Human Biology at the Université d'Abomey-Calavi. Their work is part of a larger effort to solve the problem of antibiotic resistance.