Donate lab equipment and supplies

It’s an easy way to impact science around the world.

You have surplus equipment. It might be cycling out of your lab, replaced by newer models. It might be overstock in your warehouse. It might be a trade-in from your customers who are upgrading.

All of it can be put to good use by a scientist abroad looking to unlock new discoveries.

Donating your equipment fulfills your personal and corporate values. You will help set a new standard for corporate social responsibility and demonstrate how the scientific community can “go green.” You can measurably meet your goals and climb the rankings in global sustainability indices. You may even reduce your storage costs and get a tax deduction.

We identify and vet the scientists abroad. We help you design a process that works with your asset management system. And we will work to publicize your support internally and externally. We even give you one of our badges to put on your corporate giving page!

What equipment is appropriate to donate?

Equipment that’s in good working condition

Seeding Labs currently accepts research equipment in good working condition and cannot accept items that are broken, partially functional, or in need of new parts to function properly.

Equipment that’s not very old or obsolete

It is not useful to send out-of-date equipment, even if it is still working. Scientists everywhere need reliable equipment for which they can purchase the right consumables, reagents, and spare parts. Any items so out-of-date that the right accessories are no longer available can’t be accepted.

Equipment that’s hasn’t been custom-made or altered

If an instrument is very specific to a certain experiment and not applicable for broad use, then it may not be appropriate for another lab.

Sealed, unopened cases of consumables

Seeding Labs can accept cases of consumables as long as they are still in their original sealed packaging. We can accept consumables up to one year after their expiration date.

Have appropriate equipment? Donating is simple!

Here’s our 3-step process for accepting equipment donations.
Step 1: Identification

You identify and test good working equipment and supplies from your facility and send us a list of what you have. We verify that your equipment matches the needs of carefully screened scientists overseas.

Step 2: Transfer

You sign a donation form and pack your equipment up for transfer. You can ship to us or have us arrange for pick up. We release you of liability.

Step 3: Delivery

Through our Instrumental Access program, we match the appropriate equipment to the needs of the scientists abroad and coordinate shipping with them. We will keep you informed of the impact your donation has made in months and years to come.

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