Donate Your Equipment

Your surplus equipment can change the world.

By donating your equipment to Instrumental Access, you can be sure that it will be placed into the hands of scientists who need it most—brilliant scientists in developing countries worldwide.

Can you meet our urgent equipment needs?

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you have equipment that can be used in a university lab, we probably know a lab that needs it! And you can be sure we'll follow up to share the impact you're making on global science.

  • Spectrophotometers, UV/Vis 
  • Spectrophotometers, Microplate
  • Balances (Analytical)
  • Cell counters
  • Water purification systems
  • Microscopes: light, dissecting, and fluorescent
  • Freeze dryers/Lyophilizers
  • Imagers/Photodocumentation systems
  • DNA sequencers
  • Gel dryers

How to Donate: 3 Easy Steps


Step 1: Assess


Step 2: Inventory

  • Complete this Donation Inquiry Form
  • Upon receipt, we will review. If your equipment is suitable for donation, we will prepare an equipment release for you to be jointly signed by you and Seeding Labs

Step 3: Prepare

  • You have received the completed equipment release, approved donation items list, and shipping instructions
  • Make sure your equipment is safe to handle and decontaminated
  • Pack equipment and arrange for shipment to us
Dr Bandawe

“Your donation of equipment lets us know that there are those who will stand with us in the face of even the greatest challenges.”

—Dr. Gama Bandawe
Instrumental Access 2018 Awardee
Malawi University of Science & Technology

Ready to donate?

Please contact Jennifer Raymond, Corporate Relations Manager, at [email protected] or 617.500.3014 x9.