Welcome friends of Cytiva!

Cytiva is committed to furthering science worldwide.

This is why Cytiva is asking you, our customers whose equipment we service, to join us in supporting Seeding Labs.

Because you have made an investment in high-quality assets and service, your well-maintained equipment can continue to make an impact by serving others for years to come.

Representing a critical part of OptiRun™ Service Solution’s value, all lab-scale equipment that Cytiva services can be reborn again.

In partnership with Seeding Labs, Cytiva has committed to provide a donation path for your Cytiva equipment to deserving institutions in the developing world that would otherwise lack access to scientific instruments.


When you donate surplus equipment to Seeding Labs, you provide scientists with the vital resources they need to do great things.

Interested in donating equipment? Check out Seeding Labs' most urgently needed equipment and let us know below what you can contribute to global science.

Take the first step to donating your equipment: