Instrumental Access

Our flagship program makes affordable, high-quality laboratory equipment available to universities and research institutes in developing countries.
Instrumental Access - Seeding Labs

Life-changing discoveries begin with having the right equipment in the right hands

Scientific talent is everywhere, but resources are not.

Our flagship program Instrumental Access is changing that by removing barriers to scientific education and discovery in developing countries worldwide.

We connect supportive universities and research institutes with high-quality lab equipment and supplies provided by our community of donors, who channel their surplus equipment to benefit global science.

Instrumental Access enables scientists to unleash their full potential. Equipment is the foundation to a cascade of benefits for education and research, which we rigorously track and measure.

Instrumental Access is a unique and proven solution to a development problem that no other organization in the world is trying to address at scale. And you can join us in empowering every scientist to change the world!

Our Instrumental Access Awardees

We have a network of brilliant scientists spanning 37 developing countries worldwide!

Instrumental Access awardees are selected through a competitive worldwide talent search. The rigorous vetting process is designed to identify the developing country scientists who are best positioned to use Instrumental Access equipment to address the most pressing challenges impacting their communities and the world.

To date, we have equipped more than 120 Instrumental Access awardees!

Our awardees are using Instrumental Access equipment to train the next generation of scientists and advance research across scientific disciplines.

Students at Midlands State University

The Lasting Impact of Instrumental Access

RAU unpacking equipment

Seeding Labs’ responsibilities don’t end when Instrumental Access equipment arrives. We take pride in maintaining ongoing relationships with the scientists we support while also monitoring equipment installation, use, and impact.

As a data-driven team, we use metrics to inform and improve all aspects of our work. The impact of a single Instrumental Access shipment can continue for years to come...

2021 Access to Medicines Index

Recognition as a Best Practice

Our innovative process of building global R&D infrastructure, combined with our strong evidence of impact, was recognized as a Best Practice by the 2021 Access to Medicines Index!

This report details how the 20 leading pharmaceutical companies make medicines, vaccines, and diagnostics more accessible for people in low- and middle-income countries.