Applying to Instrumental Access:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

Yes, we have been impacted, as have many of our awardees and supporters around the world.

Seeding Labs is based in the Northeastern United States, which was one of the hardest-hit regions in the first wave of the pandemic in the US. Most of our equipment donors are located nearby and were similarly impacted.

As a result, the pace of our operations slowed down during the second and third quarters of 2020. Thankfully, as of September 2020, things have improved to the point where we are able to operate at full capacity again. We now expect to meet our commitments in 2021 and beyond.

It is perhaps also worth noting that the pandemic has disrupted international trade and global shipping. So far, we have experienced minor delays and price fluctuations relative to 2019, but the issues have been manageable and all of our shipments have gone out as planned.

Application Process

Please complete and submit the form on our Application page.

We do not accept applications in any other format. Please do not email proposals or equipment requests to us; they will not be reviewed.

Program Fees & Other Costs

No, absolutely not. There is no monetary cost associated with the application process.

We ask only that applicants are ready and willing to pay the program fee if selected to participate in the program.


Equipment and Logistics

It depends on the item. We pass on to you anything that the donor provides to us in terms of accessories, software, spare parts, etc.

However, it isn’t always possible for donors to include everything necessary for use in the donation.

In particular, software is often difficult for our donors to transfer, either because the licenses are non-transferrable or for information security reasons or both. New software licenses can be very costly to purchase from manufacturers.

We realize that this is not ideal, but the only other option available to us is to refuse these donations entirely. We choose to err on the side of letting our awardees decide for themselves.

The details about what is and isn’t available with each item will be available to you during equipment selection so that you can take these issues into consideration.



Our list of eligible countries is based primarily on the current World Bank income classifications; the majority of countries that are classified as low- and middle-income are eligible for Instrumental Access.

In addition, we’ve extended eligibility to a small group of countries that have recently graduated from upper-middle income to high-income but remain eligible for World Bank lending.

Finally, there are a few countries that are classified as low- or middle-income that are excluded for legal reasons. See the next question for more details.

No. Eligibility is limited to degree-granting institutions of higher education and research institutes only. Academic departments at university-affiliated teaching hospitals may be eligible, but clinical units are not.