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Trade up your Applied Biosystems™ thermal cycler & support global science

Thermo Fisher Scientific has partnered with Seeding Labs to offer you a special promotion: trade up your Applied Biosystems™ thermal cycler and save, while giving back to global science!

Your traded-in thermal cycler will be sent to Seeding Labs. We will make sure it gets into the hands of researchers in developing countries through our Instrumental Access program.

You can provide talented scientists with the vital resources they need to teach, innovate, and discover.

So trade up and save today, while supporting global science!

Dr Robert Paulino Ramirez

Your donations can help accelerate research and improve health!

Thanks to donations from Thermo Fisher Scientific, scientists like Dr. Robert Paulino-Ramirez (above, seated) are able to better tackle global challenges.

With equipment from Seeding Labs, Dr. Paulino-Ramirez opened the Dominican Republic's first research institute dedicated to tropical medicine and global health.

Armed with the tools he needed—including equipment donationed by Thermo Fisher Scientific—Dr. Paulino-Ramirez super-charged his research to benefit public health.

He's running the nation's first clinical trial of the HIV preventive treatment PrEP, as well as monitoring diseases spread by mosquitoes

Equipment was the beginning. A healthier Dominican Republic is the result!

Help scientists like Dr. Paulino-Ramirez by trading up your Applied Biosystems™ thermal cycler

"Now we can be part of a global research network in a more inclusive way because of the infrastructure we have."

Dr. Robert Paulino-Ramirez
Director, Institute for Tropical Medicine & Global Health at the Universidad Iberoamericana;
Instrumental Access 2016 Awardee

Instrumental Access

Thermo Fisher Scientific & Seeding Labs: Making an Impact on Global Science Since 2011

Thermo Fisher Scientific has been supporting Seeding Labs since 2011, when we launched a NanoDrop trade-in program.

As our first partner from the manufacturing industry, we recognized Thermo Fisher's commitment to global science with our 2018 Global Visionary Award.

Since then, equipment donations from Thermo Fisher have been included in 53 Instrumental Access shipments.

These instruments have found a productive second home at 44 universities in 25 developing countries!

Thanks to Thermo Fisher Scientific, thousands of students and scientists have the tools they need to research, innovate, and discover. 

Karen Kirkwood

"We're proud of our long-standing relationship with Seeding Labs and we look forward to supporting them and their ongoing efforts to help researchers advance science globally."

—Karen Kirkwood
VP of Corporate Communications, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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