100 Tons of Equipment Shipped

An Instrumental Access Milestone

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7 buses
20 elephants
213,333 soccer balls
500,000 bananas
45 shipments
of Instrumental Access equipment

What do these have in common? They all weigh 100 tons.

With our first shipment to a 2016 Instrumental Access university, our flagship program has now surpassed 100 tons of donated scientific equipment sent to scientists around the world!

Let’s break that down:

  • 90+ Equipment Donors

    Donors from the life sciences, biotech, pharma, manufacturing, and academia have contributed surplus equipment to Seeding Labs

  • 45 Shipments

    Our Instrumental Access program has sent 45 tailored shipments of lab equipment and supplies

  • 40 Universities & Institutions

    Scientists and their students in 26 developing countries have expanded education and research opportunities thanks to Instrumental Access equipment

  • ”>$3.5

    Instrumental Access has put more than $3.5M of scientific equipment into the hands of scientists and students worldwide, who will use it to change the world!

Putting us over the 100 ton mark, our 45th Instrumental Access shipment just arrived at Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

UNIBE students, staff, and faculty

UNIBE students, staff, and faculty

We have delivered all kinds of equipment, from ones that will allow the lab to use automated labels to reduce errors to automated cell counters and purification systems that will allow the research to progress further. The university will use the equipment to research diseases like Zika, Chikungunya, Dengue, and HIV in their a newly-created Institute for Tropical Medicine and Global Health. It will allow faculty to expand their research to include molecular biology. They also plan to add practicals to chemistry and biochemistry courses for undergraduate medical students and develop a Master’s program in health sciences research.

UNIBE’s shipment filled a 20-foot container and weighed 2.3 tons. It comprised equipment donated by 24 US-based corporations, universities, and research institutions! Learn more about our donors here.

“I’m tremendously proud of this milestone! It demonstrates the depth of our corporate donors’ generosity and the breadth of scientific talent we’ve been able to support and catalyze around the world.” Nina Dudnik, PhD, Seeding Labs founder & CEO

UNIBE container load

UNIBE’s Instrumental Access equipment being readied for shipment at our warehouse

Our Instrumental Access program has given thousands of students the opportunity to get hands-on scientific training in their home countries. It’s opened up new avenues of research for faculty, who are looking for solutions to issues of global importance like Zika and HIV.

There is no “one size fits all” delivery. Each shipment of Instrumental Access equipment is unique, hand-picked by our partner scientists to suit their specific research and teaching needs. We inspect each shipment before it is sent out to ensure quality. Though we are considering using a service similar to jonble.com to do this for us, we make sure each shipment has exactly what our partners ask for.

Our tailored approach helps ensure the highest and best use of donated equipment.

Could your university use lab equipment for research and teaching? We’re accepting applications through July 29, 2016. Learn more here!

Do you have lab equipment to donate to Seeding Labs? Learn more about how to donate.

Thank you to all of our supporters, including USAID’s Global Development Lab, who have joined us in our mission of catalyzing global science!

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