GE Healthcare Life Sciences award

GE Healthcare Life Sciences: 2016’s Rising Star

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On the heels of expanding in the Boston area last year, GE Healthcare Life Sciences demonstrated its commitment to strengthening the scientific community not only in its new home, but in countries around the world. GE Healthcare Life Sciences made a bigger impact than any other first-time Seeding Labs donor in 2016. Five universities in five different countries have already benefited from GE’s contributions, and we are excited to see that impact grow as we expand our work together! For having the most impactful first-time corporate engagement with Seeding Labs last year, GE Healthcare Life Sciences was honored with the …

Merck award

Merck: Increasing Scientific Opportunities Worldwide

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Nearly every university in Seeding Labs’ worldwide Instrumental Access network has been touched by Merck’s donations. In recognition of this unparalleled commitment, Merck (known as MSD outside of the US and Canada) was honored with the Global Catalyst Award at Seeding Labs’ Positively Instrumental celebration on March 22. The award recognized Merck’s unmatched contributions and their commitment to expanding their global impact. Merck has set an example for the sector, working with Seeding Labs since 2010 to provide new scientific opportunities for thousands of international scientists and their students. Just in the past year, Merck has broadened how they partner with …

Harvard award

Harvard University: Setting a New Standard for Sustainability

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In addition to “greening” their day-to-day operations, Harvard University has extended its commitment to sustainability worldwide through a partnership with Seeding Labs that dates back to our founding as a student club at Harvard Medical School. For their longstanding support of Seeding Labs and enduring commitment to global science, Harvard University was was honored with Seeding Labs’ Sustainer Award at Positively Instrumental on March 22, 2017. The award recognized Harvard’s innovative approaches to increasing the environmental sustainability of science. As part of these efforts, Harvard’s Green Labs Program is working with Seeding Labs to make sure surplus lab equipment from …

Heidolph donation

From Storage to Supporting Global Science

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Turning a warehouse clean-out into an opportunity to make an impact on global science may sound like a tall order. But at Heidolph North America in Elk Grove VIllage, IL, more than half of the company enthusiastically pitched in to identify and refurbish surplus lab equipment for donation to Seeding Labs. Heidolph staff–from service techs to product managers–began by taking inventory of equipment the company had been storing, including demo units, returns, and trade show models. “That’s when we realized we had more items than we needed, so we started getting together what we could share in a donation,” said …