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Introducing Instrumental Access 2017

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We were thrilled to introduce our Instrumental Access 2017 awardees at last week’s Positively Instrumental celebration of global science. You can meet our newest grantees here!

Each awardee will receive donated lab equipment through Instrumental Access, our flagship program that makes high-quality lab equipment and supplies available to university departments and research institutes in developing countries.

Equipment provides a foundation for other critical resources that allow scientists to generate new knowledge, leverage sustainable funding, and better prepare university students for the scientific workforce.

A few facts about our 2017 grantees:

  • Educational Impact

    At these 15 institutions, Instrumental Access equipment will impact an estimated 7,200 undergraduate students and 800 graduate students each year–providing crucial hands-on educational opportunities.

  • Worldwide Reach

    They are the most geographically diverse group of partners in our history and include five countries new to Instrumental Access: Armenia, Colombia, Mexico, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

  • Impact on Faculty

    Equipment will be available to 355 faculty members in the awarded departments alone, as well as many others from across these universities and beyond.

  • Scientific Innovation

    All of our awardees are working to find solutions important to their communities. Examples include analyzing traditional medicines to find new drugs, finding novel energy storage solutions, promoting climate-resilient development, and modifying crops to be resistant to disease.

Learn about these projects and more on our Instrumental Access 2017 page!

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