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10 Years Changing the Map of Science

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Dear friends of Seeding Labs,

I have always been nostalgic at New Years. This year I am especially sentimental as Seeding Labs turns 10!

Leafing through old notes and photos, I've been reliving turning points of the past decade. When I came across photos of our very first Instrumental Access shipment of equipment that filled an entire 20-foot container, I was flooded with memories.

It was a huge milestone for me and for Seeding Labs, and for the community of supporters who have helped us along the way.

As the only staff member in January 2008, I got to drive the U-Haul to pick up our first major corporate equipment donation from Biogen. I remember gingerly backing into the loading dock, wedging it into an unimaginably small space behind the building--anxious to fill the truck with tools that we could share with talented scientists overseas.

Back at Harvard University, volunteers were labeling equipment for donation "Seeding Labs - Not Trash" to make sure it came to us.

Seeding Labs volunteers at Harvard

Seeding Labs volunteers at Harvard packing up equipment for shipment

When the equipment was boxed up and ready for its new home, we had a massive celebration in our first warehouse - unheated in the December cold - with partners from Boston biotech, academia, and government, along with the Kenyan Ambassador.

Kenyan Ambassador

The Kenyan Ambassador Peter Ogegu celebrating the departure of Kenyatta University's Instrumental Access shipment

Months later, I was lucky enough to be at Kenyatta University in Nairobi watching that same container being unloaded with the university Vice Chancellor, hundreds of the students and professors, and even a television news crew!


A parade welcomed the equipment, which they put to work in their new Department of Pharmacy.  It helps provide hands-on training for students who after graduation, are filling a critical need for pharmacists in Kenya’s healthcare system.

Welcoming Instrumental Access equipment to the Kenyatta University campus in Nairobi

I am looking back today, but I am also looking forward.

Throughout our 10th anniversary year, I am excited to share more success stories that your support makes possible... stories from our talented network of scientists in 33 countries around the world.

Thank you for everything we have done together over the past decade. I am enthusiastic and hopeful about all that we will accomplish together in the next 10 years!



Nina Dudnik, PhD
Founder & CEO


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  1. Dear Seeding Labs Representatives,
    Many Congrats and thanks for your achievements and commitments.
    Please, keep-on like that! Unfortunately, lot of scientists still need your help as science education of politicians takes lot of time.
    Take care.

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      Thank you for your kind words! We are working to equip as many scientists as we can and will be announcing our new 2018 Instrumental Access grantees this March. We appreciate your support.

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      Thank you so much, Dr Yeboah! We wish you continued success at UHAS and are so pleased to have you and your colleagues as part of our community.

  2. Dear Nina Dudnik

    You are doing good job. In the world there are many developing countries with univesities that need to be equipped with modern labs.

    I am working at university that cannot support me by high tech instrumentation. Hence, I cannot do progress in my research, which results are interesting for engineering in the world.

    I need labs gyroscopes, sensors, optical digitaln tachometers, torque dynamometers and other accessories. If you can support please inform me

    Best regards


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  3. Congratulations to seeding Labs. for the 10 year anniversary. We all feel proud to be associated with you and hope to maintain the collaboration for the sake of advancement of Science and our students.

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  4. Congratulations to the team at Seeding Labs for the wonderful work in uplifting scientific research in developing countries through enabling access to relevant equipment. I am lucky and happy to be part of the enhancement. On behalf of the University of Ibadan Nigeria, I wish you all the best. …

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