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COVID-19 Update

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May 20, 2020 Update:
  • Our global Instrumental Access network is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide. Use the COVID-19 tag on our blog to read updates from Armenia to Eswatini.
  • Seeding Labs is operating remotely and is able (and grateful) to receive donations of funding and equipment.
March 23, 2020:

We extend our best wishes to our global Seeding Labs community and hope you and your loved ones are well.

Here are a few updates related to the COVID-19 response...

Seeding Labs is open and operating remotely. We are 100% committed to our mission of empowering every scientist to change the world.

In these unprecedented times, we're also committed to doing whatever we can to stem the healthcare capacity crisis at home.

Nationally, there’s a critical need for medical supplies.

We have channeled PPE from our inventory to our local Boston healthcare workforce. And we know firsthand how generous you, our partners and supporters, are.

Here are three ways you can donate supplies:
  • If you are local to Massachusetts:
    • The trade group MassBio’s Mass Life Sciences Emergency Supply Hub is coordinating efforts to bring additional resources like PPE and materials for diagnostics to the local healthcare workforce.
    • You can also reach Partners HealthCare’s emergency supply chain team directly to coordinate donations: [email protected] 
  • Nationally, BIO launched a Coronavirus Hub to connect companies with capacity and resources with those that need them. You can announce the availability of supplies and capacity in real time.

Our Instrumental Access program is still running. We are working with our awardees and donors to keep the shipments of equipment flowing.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if/when you have equipment donations you’d like to channel to global scientists. Jennifer Raymond, our Corporate Relations Manager, is available at [email protected] or 617.500.3014 x9.

We continue to be amazed by the power of our global scientific community when we join our efforts for a common cause. Thank you for all you do to support global science--which in turn, supports public health.

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