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Gratitude Tuesday 2020: A Celebration of the Seeding Labs Community

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Today is Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving. But at Seeding Labs, we're celebrating "Gratitude Tuesday" instead!

This year has shown us just how crucial a strong global scientific community is.

As part of Gratitude Tuesday, we want to recognize all of the efforts that our community has made. Collectively, you're ensuring that science can be used across the world to create a better future.

Thank you to the tireless volunteers who spread the word about grant opportunities, researched information about lab equipment, and created videos to share their expertise with the global scientific community.

Thank you to the eloquent scientific communicators who helped raise awareness of our mission through podcasts, conference invitations, newsletters, articles, and social media.

Thank you to the dedicated employees at our corporate partners who always find creative ways to generate equipment donations, financial support, and knowledge sharing (especially the Musketeers!).

Thank you to our generous donors who help ensure the sustainability of Seeding Labs through monthly giving, Facebook birthday fundraisers (Bob, Brandon, Steve, Becky, and more!), happy hours, and annual contributions.

Thank you to the caring educators who devote their careers to inspiring a love of science in the next generation.

Thank you to the students whose curiosity and intelligence affirm a bright future for our global STEM workforce.

Thank you to the businesses that make our daily work possible—our banks and accountants, legal advisors, website and database developers, transportation and logistics specialists, human resources, IT, and more.

Thank you to those who courageously rose to address the urgent challenge of COVID-19, and to those who are seeking solutions to our shared challenges like climate change, food security, and access to energy.

Thank you to the brilliant researchers that strive every day to make the societies we live in better.

Our community is diverse—across culture, geography, career, and age—but we’re bound together by the shared mission that science can transform the world.

Thank you for everything that you do—for believing that together with Seeding Labs, we can use science to make the world a better place.

Photo at top: Thanks to our generous donors, the United States International University-Africa in Kenya is one of 10 Instrumental Access awardees to receive a shipment of lab equipment so far this year!

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